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Welcome to PT. Dong Sung Abadi Specialis Produksi Mur Dan Baut

  Bushing Countersunk Head Bolt & Nut M36 Countersunk Head Bolt M36 Countersunk Oval Head Bolt  
  Countersunk Socket Head Cap Bolt M16 Countersunk Socket Head Cap Bolt M20 Countersunk Square Head Cap Bolt M16 Countersunk V Head Bolt & Nut M30  


Hexagonal Head Bolt & Nut M48 Oval Head Bolt Link Pin Ø 35 x 225 mm Oval Head Bolt M  

Oval Head Bolt M24

Pin. 1 Pin. 2 Pin. 3  
  Pin Bolt M25 Special Head Bolt M30 Spring Spiral Square Head Bolt & Nut  
  Square Head Bolt & Nut. 2 Square Head Bolt & Nut. 3 Square Head Bolt & Nut. 4 Square Head Bolt & Nut. 5  
  Square Head Bolt & Nut. 6 Square Head Bolt & Nut. 7

Square Head Bolt & U-Nut M16

Square Head Bolt  
  Square Head Bolt. 2 T-Head Bolt & Nut M18 T-Head Bolt & Nut M20 (Stainless steel 304) T-Head Bolt & Nut M20  
T-headbolt&nutm16 u-nut(locknut) sequereU-nut
  T-Head Bolt M16 T-Head Bolt & Nut M16 (Stainless steel 304) U-Nut (Locknut) Square U-Nut  
    mountpiece   quickrelease   U-bolt  
  Eye Bolt   Mount Piece   Quick Release   U-Bolt  
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